Background Checks

Keeping your personal and company life safe.

All checks are conducted discreetly.

High Quality Checks

Both public and private records are checked on an individual or company. This is to see whether a person or a company is omitting or exaggerating any information either given to you or not.

This is information that would prevent threats entering into personal or business lives.

Company Background Checks

Do you take what you’re told for Granted?


1) Existing Employee Compatibility

2) Quality of Hire (90% of applicants

“stretch the truth”)

3) No Nasty Violent or Sexual Surprises

4) Safeguarding Company Reputation

5) Criminal Opportunity Reduction

Employment Background Corroboration Choose From:

  • ID and address Confirmation – Eg Voters Credit history (CCJs, Bankruptcies)
  • Employment history (Incl reference checks)
  • Education history (Is it all True?)
  • Criminal Records Bureau check (Legal)
  • Other (Other Checks You need)

Essentially whether candidates are disclosing everything and are suitable for the job.

Business Partner Check

Tailor made to the circumstances but to include:

1) Past relationship with ex business partners

2) Finances & Credit

3) Company history incl disqualifications

4) Criminal Records

Relationship Background Check

Past Relationships

Finances (CCJS, Companies)

Address Tracing

Property Searches

Social Media (Present & Past)


£55 (basic check).

Our checks can extend beyond database checks. We’re as thorough as you need.

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